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This Week On YouTube: Dec 8, 2017

It’s Friday…and that means another week of awesome YouTube stories and strategies shared by an ever-growing list of lawn care and arbor professionals. This week’s round up features: Brian Shane’s video on 4 tips to help grow your lawn care business; Keith Kalfas’s video on going that extra mile to “winterize” when you do your fall clean ups; Brian Fullerton walks you through a $125 clean up in 45 minutes; and finally, Randy shares how he learned to price his fall clean ups. Definitely a theme evolving here.

Let’s jump in!

4 Tips How To Grow Your Lawn Care & Landscape Business
By Brian Shane, Top Notch Lawn Care, UAG Member 2018

Brian shares another great video with tips to grow your business.

  • Read books about business and business principles (also read books on how to do things you haven't done before)

  • Watch YouTube videos. There is a lot of great information out there that can assist you.

  • Talk we people that are doing what you want to do. Talk with people that have more knowledge than you.

  • Get out there and try new things.

Check out Brian’s other videos.

More Profit With Winterizing Plants & Fall Clean Up
By Keith Kalfas, Landscaping Employee Trap, UAG Member 2017

Keith walks you through a fall clean in which he offers tips on how to increase revenue and profits by cleaning up the plants along with the leaves. Not sure what plants to cut down in the fall and which to leave to spring? A little research will go a long way! Watch the video below.

$125 In 45 Minutes, How To Do A Fall Leaf Clean Up
By Brian Fullerton, Brian’s Lawn Maintenance

How do you earn $125 in 45 mins? Brian walks you through a fall clean up service, step by step, breaking down how such services help drive more revenue – and customer service – for lawn care owners and operators. Watch the video below.

Still Don’t Know How To Price Fall Clean Ups?
By Randy from Dulin Cut & Trim

Are you charging too much? Not enough? Still not sure how to price a fall leaf clean up? How do you know? In this video, Randy shares personal experiences that helped him develop his pricing system. Something we can all learn from. Hear his story below.


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