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This Week on YouTube: December 15, 2018

Welcome to another weekly roundup of videos! This week lawn care pros from YouTube are comparing multi-task tools from three manufacturers. We also see what’s involved with changing oil on four-stroke machines and how a cordless/battery hedge trimmer may have application for you. Lots of tips and insider info from the pros! Enjoy!

STIHL Kombi or ECHO PAS system?

In this video UAG Member Julio Tome of Lawn Care Business Success discusses why you should consider adding a STIHL Kombi or ECHO PAS system to your lawn care business, and why they are perfect for when your just starting out in lawncare.

Husqvarna 535LK - First Impression

Multi-purpose machines are in favor with the pros this week! Check out this video featuring the Husqvarna 535LK trimmer - the newest addition to an impressive tool collection of YouTuber eXterminator.

Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer ECHO 58 Volt

A great review takes serious work. UAG member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts spent six months testing a tool to create this video for you! Watch to have a closer look at the 58 Volt ECHO hedge trimmer and learn the pros and cons of using a cordless, battery-powered hedge trimmer for this type of work.

Changing Oil On Trimmers and Blowers

Do you know everything about changing the oil in your tools? Watch the tutorial by Mark Mather of Mark's Lawn Care. He walks you through the whole process of changing the oil on his four-stroke Makita & Dolmar blowers & trimmers.

52 Leaf Cleanups in One Day - ECHO 8010 Vs. STIHL 800C

The last video we have for you is something else, but it’s so good that we couldn’t resist! Watch Kevin of Fall River Lawn Care and Blake of It's HIS turf demoing both the ECHO 8010 and the STIHL 800c blowers while cleaning up the whole neighborhood!


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