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This Week on YouTube: December 1st, 2018

Happy first day of December, friends! Enjoy the new selection of business tips and insights shared by lawn care and landscaping pros on YouTube. Talks on marketing, going full-time, increasing productivity - this roundup has it all!

How Many Clients Do You Need?

In the first video we feature today, UAG member Julio Tome of Lawn Care Business Success discusses a commonly asked question - "How many clients do you need to go full time in lawn care?" Short and sweet, all you need to know about going full-time - in just two minutes!

Every Door Direct Mail - Do's and Don'ts

Watch this video by Ben of ACME Mowing to get tons of insights on lawn care marketing, and EDDM in particular. Ben shows their own flyers, shares what worked best for their business and got the best return on investments.

Mowing Many Yards In A Row

Mowing a bunch of yards in a row is extremely profitable for your lawn care business but there is a downside to it. UAG member Johny Crooks of Blades of Grass Lawn Care discusses the pros and cons of cutting grass yard after yard and shares how his crew does it.

Homemade Ride On Leaf Blower

With the fall leaf clean up season in full force, everyone is looking for ways to increase productivity with minimal investment, but only the most creative come up with ideas like this one! Chad of Randol Property Management & Improvement LLC came up with a great homemade ride on leaf blower idea that fills the ticket. Check it out!

Battery Vs Gas. Hedge Trimmers Battle

Videos with business tips are great, but a bit of fun never killed nobody, right? Especially when the fun is about comparing battery and gas trimmers by Milwaukee and Husqvarna. Watch how Kevin of Fall River Lawn Care and Blake of It's HIS turf exchanged their hedge trimmers to then share their first impressions on switching to battery or gas.


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