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This Week On YouTube: December 1st, 2017

Well guys, it’s Friday again, and that means it’s time to showcase another set of interesting videos posted this week by lawncare, arbor or other grounds maintenance pros.

The "end of season" theme was strong among the community this week with many sharing videos and commentary on everything from bagging and mulching leaves to gutter cleaning to feedback on how the crazy weather is messing up the best laid plans.

But before we jump into that, here’s a fun video of professional arborist putting their saws down while they race up trees! Yup, tree climbing is not just a job but a sport!

World’s Greatest Tree Climbers Compete Head To Head

The first video in our weekly round up was posted by TreeStuffDotCom. Competitors at TreeStuff.com’s King of the Canopy climbed their hearts out to be named the Kings and Queens of the Canopy in the world’s first head to head tree climbing competition. The competition wasn’t just about how to climb trees quickly, it was also about family, friendship, learning, and fun.

Has the Season Really Ended?

Ryan Knorr shared an update this week, which has him walking back earlier predictions about "end of season" clean ups. The changing weather patterns have fooled a lot of us and many are still racking, mulching, and bagging leaves as we enter December!

Chainsaw Clutch Repair

We’ve all been there. Working in the field on a big job, that’s often time sensitive, and a key piece of equipment fails. Kevin Blackmer of Texas Veteran Lawn Service had such an issue with a brocken clutch on his Husqvarna 240-Xtorq Chainsaw. His video this week showcases his attempts to fix it, which is a good reminder about the importance of being mechanically inclined in this industry!

Good Morning, Sunday!

What does a lawn care professional do on a Sundary morning? Sleep in? Catch up on some ZZZZs from a long week? Not UAG member Johny Crooks. I guess you can’t take the military out of the man! Good reminder that while you may not be cutting grass or hardscaping on Sunday, there’s always work to be done!

Boom! $145 in 90 Minutes!

Brian Fullerton of Brian’s Lawn Maintenance shows us how he does a fall leaf clean up and bags the leaves; leaving a clean lawn and happy customer!


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