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This Week on YouTube: December 8, 2018

One more week down, and another YouTube roundup of pro videos is here! This week is all about business advice and personal experiences lawn and landscape pros have had with the newest backpack blowers on the market! Which blew away the competition? Have a look!

STIHL BR 800C Vs. ECHO PB-8010H Comparison

Kevin of Fall River Lawn Care and Blake of It's HIS turf put the STIHL BR 800C and ECHO PB-8010H toe-to-toe. See which backpack blower they like the most and why. Lots of entertaining footage and detailed insights involving blowers just hitting the market now.

ECHO PB-8010 Leaf Clean Up Test

Naylor Taliaferro of Clean Cut Lawn Care Services and LCR Media filmed a series of fun tests for his new ECHO PB-8010. Starting from "the normal cleanup" and all the way to what he calls "the extreme amount of leaves", Naylor really shows you the potential of the blower. Watch to find out why Naylor was "blown away" by his new tool!

New STIHL BR 800C Side Start

Rachel and Carl Bennett of Happy's Lawn Care & Landscaping share their first impressions of the new STIHL BR 800 backpack blower. Comparing model to model and brand to brand is essential to make the right decision for your business, so make sure to learn the pros and cons of every tool you're looking at!

Formula Of Lawn Care Success

It wouldn't be our weekly roundup post without some great business advice, right? Check out this video by UAG Pro Brian Fullerton of Brian's Lawn Maintenance to learn the basic formula of success in lawn care, and what it actually takes. Brian talks about making sacrifices and the willingness to change in order to go to the next level in business.

Year Round Service Strategy

And while we're on the topic of future and success, watch this vlog of Nick of Saving Green Lawn Care. Nick discusses the importance of having a strategy in your business, and shares how to build one. Start watching at 12:40 if you want to jump directly to this topic.


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