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This Week On YouTube: Feb 10th, 2018

It seems just like yesterday that our last rundown was up. Time sure goes by quickly and we're back as always with the best Landscaping and Lawn Care videos YouTube has to offer! This week we feature some heavy duty footage in moving sheds and using excavators, to something less heavy duty work like topiary and formal pruning.

Moving a Shed - and avoiding disaster!

We're making big moves here at Echo Means Business, and so is Chanthavy Singvongsa of Singvongsa Landscaping who in the most professional manner shows us how to avoid disaster while moving a large 10x16 shed.

The Art of Topiary and Formal Pruning

Topiary is an elegant craft that requires skill, patience and attention to detail. In this nicely edited video, Paul Camara of Spring Green Landscaping shows us some of the work that goes into creating some beautifully trimmed hedges and elegantly pruned gardens.

Post Card Marketing Ideas

There's no right or wrong when it comes to marketing tactics for your business. Depending on who you ask, landscapers have had success with a vast number of tactics to promote their landscaping businesses. Here's one such idea from UAG member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts.

Keep your House and Equipment safe from Theft

What is your take on security tech when it comes to protecting your property and equipment? Is there a certain brand you use? Any particular devices you strongly believe in? Blake Albertson of B&B Lawncare shares with us some of the devices he uses to protect his property.

Everything you always wanted to know about Excavators - but were too afraid to ask.

As your landscaping business grows and you take on larger properties, an excavator may be an investment you might be thinking about making. Stanley Genadek of Dirt Monkey Lawncare sure is happy he did just that.


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