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This Week On YouTube: Feb 24th, 2018

Another week has gone by and the videos being shared by the pros continue to impress! This week we feature some unique tips on making a quote of your services, protecting your equipment inside a trailer, and some really cool footage from the driver's seat of a backhoe, and more - so let's jump in!

What to look for when giving a lawn care quote

UAG member Johnny Crooks of Blades of Grass Lawn Care shares with us some useful tips on what landscapers should look for in a property when making a quote. By physically checking the entire area you make sure there's no surprises for you or the property owner.

The Power of Networking:

Even Landscapers can benefit from networking on social media. That's what happened to Alex Nickens of Nickens Lawn & Landscape who met fellow landscaper Alex Lica of Lica Landscaping on Instagram but soon went on to become friends and business partners!

Installing an equipment defender in your enclosed trailer

A lot of landscapers use large trailers to store their equipment as they travel from one property to another. UAG member Danny Lanier of Lanier Lawn Care shows us the best way to make sure your gear is secure inside the trailer.

Get in the driver's seat of a Backhoe

This is an unusual one, as the creator of To The Top Crane channel takes us through a job he performs from his Backhoe Excavator.

Behind the scenes at the MGIA Lawn and Landscape Trade Show

UAG member Brian Fullerton of Brian's Lawn Maintenance was kind of enough to record his visit to the Michigan Green Industry Association's Lawn and Landscape Trade show that was held earlier this month. He shares his thoughts on all the cool gear on display at the expo!


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