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This Week On YouTube: Jan 19, 2018

Hey gang, and welcome back to our weekly round-up of tips, tools, and just good old fun from the pros over on YouTube.

As we head out of the cold weather - hopefully! - and start looking forward to spring, we thought it’d be fun to catch up on how some folks have been spending winter (snow or no snow), from taking on snow with a blower to mowing a lawn in under three minutes. Check out the videos below!

Mowing the yard in under three minutes

New UAG member Bradley Behr, of Copper Creek Cuts takes us on a zippy ride as he shows how to mow a complete yard in less than three minutes. Do we hear a challenge to beat his time?

Tiny snowmen and a tribute to Frozen!

It’s always fun to watch folks really enjoy what the do, and this video from Tony’s Lawn Care is no exception! It has a bit of everything - snow ploughing, singing, baby snowmen, and a cute-as-can-be baby too!

Backpack blowers versus the snow

When UAG member Shawn Spencer of Spencer’s Lawn Care decided to ignore the snow plow and take on a foot of snow with a couple of backpack blowers, things got a little blowy. Maybe the plow would have been the better option!

Great tips a-plenty in this Q&A

As we shared in last week’s round-up, the winter months are perfect for planning ahead, and thinking of what needs to be done in 2018. In this Q&A video, Steve Rak of The Scapers Network shares tips on moving to the next income level, how to move from a part-time to full-time business, and much more.

Winter is upon us and Facebook is changing the rules again

So we hope you’ve enjoyed some of the fun videos above, but now it’s time to get serious. If you use Facebook in any way for your business, their recent announcement about showing less business posts and more personal ones could affect you. Blake Albertson of B&B Lawn Care shares how you can keep your followers up-to-date on the changes, and how they can still see your posts.


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