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This Week on YouTube: July 21, 2018

With heat waves and rain storms all across North America, the "extreme weather" theme was strong among the community this week with many sharing tips on how to survive the summer heat stress as well as mowing in the rain. Have a look and don't forget to subscribe to the channels you like.

Change What You're Wearing

It's now well into the summer, so it's right about time to talk about the proper overheat precautions. UAG member Kevin Blackmer of Texas Veteran Lawn Service knows how to keep your performance level on top - simply change what you're wearing to adapt to the temperature! Learn what Kevin's “mowing look” is like.

How to Keep Your Lawn Thriving

While you can keep your good plants out of the sun in the hot session, the lawn, however, cannot be moved. So what do you do when your grass starts to get dry? Landscaper Doug Smith of Thewiswil has all the answers to your questions about summer heat on the lawns.

Mid Day Watering to Cool the Lawn

If you're into quick tips, check out this little trick to cool down your turf in the heat of summer. Ryan Knorr of Ryan Knorr Lawn Care shares how to run sprinklers or irrigation system for a couple of minutes to relieve heat stress.

Mowing in the Rain

For those who are getting storms instead of extreme heat, mowing and dressing appropriately might be even more challenging. You definitely don't want to get all wet while mowing after the rain, so what are your options? UAG member Richey Plemons of Plemons Lawn Care shares how proper footwear and sock protectors has changed the game for him.

Mowing & Weedeating Tall Wet Grass

There are three things you can never stop watching: fire, water, and other people mowing hills. Especially, when those hills are steep and wet! Enjoy the video by UAG member Tyler Guess of Clean Cut Lawns. You're going to be impressed!


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