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This Week on YouTube: July 7, 2018


Happy 4th of July from the Echo Means Business team! The latest Lawn Care YouTube videos are all about tips on mowing, but not the regular mowing you’re used to. Enjoy the outstanding July 4th yard striping and advice on some extremely challenging steep hill mowing.

American Flag Lawn Striping

What is the most impressive way to show that you’re a proud American landscaper? Ryan Knorr of Ryan Knorr Lawn Care takes hanging an American flag on a house to the next level as he stripes the flag’s pattern on his lawn. Watch his “How -To” video and pay attention to such pro-tips as using a hand roller to define the stripes.

Fourth of July Milorganite Application

While most think about fireworks on July 4th, we think about...Milorganite. Funny enough. Building a fertilization schedule around major holidays may make it easier to remember. Watch this video by Tim Linden of Grass Daddy uses a new spreader on the market, making his job easier.

Green Lawn Until The Fall

Check out another great Milogranite application tutorial made by landscaper and YouTuber John Ware from Arkansas. John shows you how to calculate the amount of fertilizer needed to keep your lawn green until fall. Watch his video for the detailed “How-To” and some pro-tips.

Wet Steep Hills Mowing

UAG member Richey Plemons of Plemons Lawn Care talks about the challenges of mowing wet steep hills with saturated grass. Fair warning from Richey - don’t push your equipment to the limit if you’re not sure that it’s going to take it.

Lawn Mowing Grass is Relaxing, Satisfying and Enjoyable

Leave it to UAG member Johnny Crooks of Blades of Grass Lawn Care to make the perfect video that sums up the lawn care profession. Have a great weekend everyone!


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