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This Week on YouTube: June 16, 2018

The busy season is in full swing now! Those 12-14 hour work days are surely tough, but it's definitely something to be proud of. This weekend we just want you to relax and have some lawn care fun! Only positive vibes in this roundup!

Husband And Wife Lawn Care Pranks

A sweet relationship like that of UAG member Shawn Spencerand his wife Savanaha of Spencers Lawn Care is just a pure joy. Husband and wife prank each other during their busy days of lawn care. She scares him good. But he will have the last laugh as he gets the ultimate payback!

Mowing Inside The Cat Enclosure

UAG Member Julio Tome of Lawn Care Business Success takes us along for the mow on quite a special property he likes to call "The Cat Enclosure". The yard is basically a playground of cats one older lady has. The job is tricky, and Julio even calls this lawn the roughest he does! Check it out!

Lawn Care People Are People Too!

William of Whole 9 Yards landscaping from Texas, has had enough of customers who think that lawn care PROs are waiting on their calls 24/7 and ready to rush out whenever. This funny video is his way of saying that lawn care people are doing business, not just having fun!

Neighbor Pays To Mow His Neighbor's Yard

This is definitely something you don't see every day. How generous (or angry?) should a person be to pay for the mow of his neighbor's overgrown yard? Nick, the PRO landscaper of Saving Green Lawn Care, shares this totally real story and even shows the mow job. Just have a look.

14 yr Old Edging Like A Pro

If you're not shocked enough yet, just wait a second and watch this. UAG member Kevin Blackmer of Texas Veteran Lawn Service surely doesn't have any trouble with hiring helpers. Just watch how his 14 year old son is edging with a stream trimmer. Such a super sharp and clean job, it's NOT even funny!


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