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This Week on YouTube: June 2, 2018

Welcome back to our weekly round-up of great advice from the pros!

A tough season is on. Everyone is working 6, if not 7 days a week, some - for about 3-4 weeks straight. Sound familiar? No surprise the challenges you face running a lawn care business makes this a hot topic for the week. Have a look!

How to Survive the Business Building "Pressure Cooker"

Your business is very important, it goes without saying. But what’s even more important is your health! If you quit sleeping or eating well, stop working out like normal, then you’re exactly where Jonathan Pototschnik of Lawn Care Millionaire has been once. This video is a real must watch for those who are going through the most challenging stages of business building.

Avoiding Problems In Business

So, all kinds of things happen in a lawn care business, and you always need to be ready to face problems, keep pushing on and take action. Landscaper/Youtuber Vic of Quick Cutz Lawn Care believes that the number one rule is to embrace the fact that something is going to happen, no matter what. What you need to do is not avoid a problem, but to own it and to develop a policy for the next time.

Hard to Find Employees

Dealing with tall grass is one thing, but dealing with employees simply not doing their job is another. If you feel the pain, watch the vlog of UAG member Richey Plemons of Plemons Lawn Care. Richey shares that he’s hired five guys this season, and he’s already fired almost all of them within the last month! Start watching at 6:35 if you want to jump directly to the talk about hiring.

Ruining The Day In Lawn Care

If you enjoy watching the scary things, have a look at the vlog of UAG member Shawn Spencer of Spencer’s Lawn Care. A great example of how your day in a lawn care business can turn into a disaster in a second. Spoiler alert - the accelerator bagger flies out of the bed of the truck and goes across a 2 lane highway. How would you avoid a thing like this?

Staying Motivated

Solving lawn care clients’ problems is a full-time job and at times it’s a very stressful one. UAG member and Youtuber Brian Fullerton of Brian's Lawn Maintenance believes that embracing the worst part of it is as important as enjoying the fun part. Definitely watch his video if you could use some motivation during this tough season!


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