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This Week on YouTube: June 9, 2018

What's going on, lawn care stars? Another week has gone by, and we have a new roundup of YouTube gems for you. This week is all about useful tips on trimming bushes and hedges. Check them out!

Using An Articulating Hedge Trimmer

UAG member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts shows the benefits of using an articulating hedge trimmer. Overgrown hedges stand no chance! As usual, his time lapse video with chill music on the background is just very pleasant to watch!

Ripping Out & Trimming Bushes

We've got some more beautiful trimming action for you. This one by the UAG member Tyler Guess of Clean Cut Lawns. He is ripping out dead bushes and trimming overgrown ones, and the makeover of the landscape looks really satisfying. Check it out!

Blow Drying A Conifer Hedge

Have you ever seen such a big conifer hedge? Looks pretty challenging, right? Well, surely not for Jason, professional gardener from Norfolk, UK. Jason shares his biggest secret of preparing this kind of hedge to trim - he's giving it a blow dry first (no kidding)!

Wearing A Hedge Cutting Harness

YouTube newcomer Matt Will demonstrates another tool to make a life of an arborist or a landscaper easier - a power assisted lifting harness. Can you tell how much it reduces vibration and tension on Matt's hands and shoulders while Matt is shaping a bush? Have a look!

And the last video we have for you today involves some awesome striping action by UAG member Danny Lanier of Lanier Lawn Care. Danny is striping the property with bushes - nice and neatly, nothing less than perfect. If you enjoy watching videos like this, you might also enjoy one of our previous roundups about tips on striping the lawn.


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