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This Week On YouTube: March 10th, 2018


From a large number of videos showing landscapers starting to mow grass and remove weeds, we gather that spring is just around the corner, so we decided to put together a series on weed control for this week’s Youtube roundup, plus some other helpful tips, Enjoy!

Weeding Around Trees - What to Remember

Here’s a video we found from the channel DoMyOwn that provides some very key insights into the precautions you need to take when weeding around trees. Factors like root depth, type of weeds and pesticides used should be carefully studied before weeding is done to make sure you get the best results and don’t damage your trees!

Weed Control and Fertilization - A Profitable Business?

UAG member Brian Shain of Top Notch Lawncare gets some help from fellow landscaper Jason Creole who goes on to explain how focussing on weeding and fertilizing can generate a lot more revenue than certain other aspects of the business. An interesting proposition, considering that spring is just around the corner.

For the organically minded - Weed Control with Banana Leaves!

Landscaper/Youtuber Aaron (The Urban Hillbilly) shares his interesting technique of using banana leaves to cover up portions of grass to prevent weed growth - something very useful for customers that may prefer an organic treatment of their lawns.

All new Instagram Guidelines - Landscapers take Notice!

There’s very few landscapers out there who don’t have an account on Instagram, and when you do it’s very important to know the updates that the platform makes to its algorithm so that you are not missing out on potential views and engagement. UAG member Brad Lloyd of Your Way Lawncare takes us through some of the important changes.

Get organised - Start Planning for the Year Ahead

Long time Youtuber and Landscaper Alex Nickens of Nickens Lawn and Landscape takes us through the importance of keeping things organized when you’re running a lawn care business. He goes on to share with us some of the things he uses, like a yearly organizer that details everything he needs to know about his work.


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