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This Week on YouTube: May 19, 2018

The weekend is already here, and so is our Weekly Roundup post featuring real YouTube gems! This week, we've collected videos with pro tips on a proper pricing of your services, handling low paying customers, and how a few tweaks in your mindset can allow you to make 5-6 times more! Check out the videos below!

Two Types of Clients

Jonathan Christian of Florida Turf Pros believes that everything in your business runs much smoother if you understand that there are two types of clients: those who can afford your service, and those who simply can't. In his video Jonathan illustrates his point with two real life stories: the same scenario, but two different clients.

A must watch!

Stop Letting Customers Take Advantage of You!

When your business finally starts taking off: upgrading equipment, hiring, and paying taxes, you simply can't afford to have the same rates you used to have at the very beginning. Landscaper /YouTuber Keith Kalfas shares his enlightening story of changing a mindset from "I'll do the job as cheap as I possibly can for you" to positioning himself properly in order to charge 5-6 times more with confidence.

Most Hilarious Lawn Care Cancellation Excuses Ever

Have you ever had your lawn care services canceled with some unbelievable excuse? Well, UAG member Johny Crooks of Blades of Grass Lawn Care surely has. Listen to Johny's story and make sure to go through the comments under his video: landscapers are sharing the most hilarious cancellation excuses, and some of them are really funny!

"I Have A Guy That Will Do It For..."

Another awesome piece of advice comes from UAG member Brian Fullerton of Brian's Lawn Maintenance. Brian has raised the topic of customers telling you what to charge them based on the quotes of "another guy". How and when is it right to tell customers NO? How do professionals respond to a situation like that? Find answers in the video below.

How Much Money Does YouTube Pay for mowing videos?

And the last video we have for you this week is also about rates, but not yours this time! UAG member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts breaks down how much Youtube mowing videos can make. If you're curious, you're welcome to have a look at the real stats and dollar amounts on Bradley's two most viewed videos. Maybe it'll motivate you to become the next Youtube star in the landscaping industry!


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