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This Week on YouTube: May 26, 2018


We hope you had a successful week, and we're glad that you're here to enjoy another YouTube Roundup! This week is all about striping a yard and sharing pro tips. How to stripe the lawn for a Big League look? How about some circular lawn lines? We've got them all in this week's YouTube Roundup!

Checkerboard Striping

Ever wondered how to create those majestic looking checkerboards in the yard? Landscaper Pete Denny of GCI Turf Services explains how to mow diamond shaped stripes in a lot of detail. Even if you're already a stripes pro, you'll definitely want to have a look at his stunning looking yard - it's a real benchmark!

Diamond Effect

UAG member Danny Lanier of Lanier Lawn Care shows how to create the diamond shaped stripes by double and triple cutting the yard. We bet the neighbors of his clients are extra jealous after such a spotless job! Loving the quality work, the mower, and even the hip hop version of Louis Armstrong's most famous song.

Circle Lawn Lines

In case diamonds are not your best friends, landscaper and YouTuber Mike of Jealous Lawn Care shows us something else! How about mowing a circular striped lawn? Check out how grass looks like a golf course after Mike's work.

Mowing Overgrown Grass

While mowing pretty shaped stripes is always pleasing, not all the grass allows you to achieve such impressive results. UAG member Shawn Spencer of Spencer Lawn Care shares the experience he had with overgrown, tall, and wet grass. Look at how the grass is just laying down as Spencer drives over it on his Exmark mower!

Pro Tip To Save Time

UAG member Tyler Guess of Clean Cut Lawn Care shares a very simple yet useful tip a lot of pros have learned after many walks of shame. Your time costs money, so spend one minute now to learn this trick and save a lot of time later!


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