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This Week on YouTube: May 5, 2018

Hey there! We hope everyone is having a great season so far with spring having caught up with most of the country. Our YouTube roundup this week is full of training videos and practical tips for everyone to use and share, so enjoy!

Making Long Neat Lines on Grass

Pete Denny of GCI Turfs shows you the best way to get those long stripes on your lawn with the help of some stripe rolls. We love this video because it shows you everything you need to know about using these attachment, all the way from the types of rolls available to attaching them to your mower. How do you stripe your grass?

Training on Mowers

UAG member Shawn Spencer of Spencer Lawn Care gave his wife a shot at the lawn mower over some training grounds making for a fun video with the landscaping duo. We admire Shawn's patience as he sees her almost mowing over a metal pipe sticking out of the ground!

Here's How You Cut Down a Tree

Stanley Genadek aka The Dirt Monkey takes all the comments and questions from previous videos and turns them into a fun and very useful video about the how and how not to cut down a tree. Stanley never disappoints by mixing fun and training together!

Add a Creek To Your Next Yard

Here's a great addition to the next property you work on. Leave it to UAG member Richey Plemons of Plemons Lawn Care to show you how. From digging the ditch, moving rocks and finally lining creek bed, it is not easy work but the outcome is a beautiful addition to your garden or back yard.

Fill Those Bare Spots Before Someone Sees Them!

Getting the perfect lawn is no easy task as many landscapers will already know. It is however good to know all the steps you can take to make sure that your grass is not left patchy. Landscaping channel Grass Daddy lawn care has a few tips to share.


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