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This Week on YouTube: November 10, 2018

What's up, friends! This year's GIE+EXPO was massive! No surprise, lawn care pros on YouTube are still buzzing about the latest and greatest equipment out there. We want to bring the show back to you with this roundup of videos about GIE+EXPO 2018.

Let's see what are all those newest or coolest things that interested pros the most!

New Products From GIE+EXPO 2018

We'd think it's absolutely impossible to cover everything at a show this size in one video. UAG Pro Brian Fullerton of Brian's Lawn Maintenance proves us wrong! Check out this compilation of clips Brian was able to grab showcasing all the new products he's seen at the GIE+EXPO 2018.

GIE Rally 2018

Aaron Sutter of Lansing Lawn Service LLC put together a video about the GIE Rally 2018. Rope course, cavern tours, awesome raffle prizes, and more! This event draws hundreds of lawn and landscape providers each year and is an awesome opportunity to network and have lots of fun!

GIE. The Good, Bad and The Ugly

Watch this video posted by Blake Albertson of B&B Lawn Care for a bit more detailed look at this year's GIE. Blake shares his favorite things he saw and filmed at the EXPO, as well as some things he didn't enjoy at all.

Best and Worst Lawn Mowers

You don't want to miss the moment when Stanley Genadek of Dirt Monkey Lawncare gets kicked out of the Scag booth! Of course, this won't beat the value of his pro insights on the newest mowers from Exmark, Wright, Scag, Spartan, Ferris, and more.

New Zero Turn Mowers 2019 - Hustler Dash

Check out this review if you're curious about the new entry-level residential mowers with a price tag of between $2,000 and $2,400. UAG member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts shows you the brand new Hustler Dash (Big Dog Rex) in all kinds of details.

Mean Green Electric Mower

You'll enjoy looking at the newest machines with a hilarious commentary by landscaper Joe Mills. The demo of Mean Green Electric Mower (which doesn't make any engine noise!) is something very interesting to watch in particular.

The Vibe of GIE+EXPO 2018

As landscaper Tony of Tony's Lawn Care says, when you watch almost any video about the EXPO, you can't picture how big it really is! Check out this video if you want to have a casual walk with Tony, catch the vibe of this huge event, meet other pros and look at the things that caught Tony's attention.

GIE and The Ramp Rack

So many pros has done a great job at capturing the EXPO itself, but not everyone has captured all the fun! Watch this video by Wally Wood of Beach River Landscapes to see pros socializing, hanging out and having fun at the Ramp Rack. Great presentation of GIE for someone who has never been!


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