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This Week on YouTube: October 13, 2018

It's the weekend again, and we're here with another great set of the lawn care and ground maintenance YouTube videos. This selection is all about pro tips and great accessories you can use to grow your lawn care business.

Fall Service Offers

Chuck B of The Lawn Care Network talks about all the Fall service offers that help him make the biggest revenue of the year in October! Aerations, mulching, leaf clean-ups, sprinkler blow-outs - Chuck shows that Fall opens up many opportunities for extra cash.

Evergreens & Hedge trimming

UAG Member Julio Tome of Lawn Care Business Success takes us along for some impressive Cedar hedge trimming. You'll love this video for the number of pro tips on evergreens, and of course, for the great demonstration!

Darwin's Grip - pros & cons

There are things that are just meant to make your lawn care life easier. Andrew Wilson of Cut and Clean Lawn Care believes the Darwin's Grip is one of them. Watch him as he shows how to use the tool, gives the sound pros and cons and lots of useful insights.

Lawn mower trimmer rack - yay or nay?

Another accessory featured by the pros this week is a lawn mower trimmer rack. Do you have times when you wish you had your trimmer for a spot that was missed if you trimmed before cutting? Then you'll agree with UAG member Johny Crooks of Blades of Grass Lawn Care who calls the trimmer rack “extremely convenient” and shows you how to install it.

Exmark Mulch Kit Install

And the last great “How-To” we have for you this week is the very informative video of an installation of Exmark Mulch Kit. UAG member Delbert Powell of Del's Lawn Care and his assistant walk you through the whole process and give a lot of details. Enjoy!


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