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This Week on YouTube: September 15, 2018

What's going on, lawn care pros? One more week has gone by, and here we are, with the new roundup of the best YouTube videos! This week is all about useful tips, excellent "How-To" videos and professional advice. Check it out!

Fixing Soggy Lawn With Sand

Do you have a soggy lawn to take care of? Believe it or not, all you need to fix the drainage is...sand! In this video, Tim Linden of Grass Daddy shows you how easy it is to aerate and topdress with sand to fix drainage problems in your lawn.

All About Mulching

Watch this video by Ginger Koz of All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care to explore everything you are probably doing wrong when it comes to mulching. What does a mulching kit consist of? What is going to happen if you apply too much mulch? What does your lawn mower engine size have to do with mulching? The answers are waiting!

How To Water New Grass Seed

Lawn care expert Pete from GCI Turf Services shares some truly excellent tips on how to water grass seed. His YouTube subscribers are already saying that his watering demonstration is the best they've ever seen!

Sharpening New Blades?

UAG member Danny Lanier of Lanier Lawn Care gives you two reasons why you should sharpen even the brand new mower blades. Sounds crazy? It'll only take you four minutes to find out why! Also, you'll really appreciate this video if you've ever wondered if your new blades are balanced.

ECHO 8010 Backpack Blower Test

Enough of "How-To"s and learning, it's Saturday after all! How do you feel about some of the newest footage of ECHO PB-8010 in action? You know it's going to be a lot of fun when UAG member Shawn Spencer and his wife Savanaha of Spencers Lawn Care test a new tool. Those wet leaves don't stand a chance!


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