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This Week on YouTube: September 22, 2018

Welcome to another roundup of the newest lawn care YouTube videos! As we head into the Fall, more and more lawn care pros have aerations on their mind. So this week we have tips on aerating the lawn, making money doing aerations, and growing your lawn care business. Enjoy!

All About Aerations

Aerations are a great way to make some serious coin in the fall, especially if you get into overseeding. Do you know what to charge for aerations? How to use the aerator? UAG Pro and YouTuber Brian Fullerton of Brian's Lawn Maintenance will help you learn the basics.

Renting VS. Buying An Aerator

Is it a good idea to start making money aerating without buying a machine up front? Listen to Blake Albertson of B&B Lawn Care as he discusses the flaws of aerators and financing machines VS. paying cash.

Kill The Weeds First?

Do you think you are ready to start aerating the lawn? Landscaper Mark of Lawn Creeps Ltd suggests going with weed control before any aeration and overseeding/patching. Learn how to apply the herbicide to get rid of Creeping Charlie and Dandelions.

Trimming Bushes and Shrubs

21 bushes trimmed to perfection in one video? That’s something we can’t ignore! This is a shout out to Johny Crooks of Blades of Grass Lawn Care and his team. Beautiful job as always!

9-5 Job VS. Lawn Care Business

The last video we have today is for those who are in the beginning of their lawn care business journey. Definitely check this out if you’re considering working nine-to-five while growing your business. Mike Andes of Landscape Business Course shares priceless tips and advice to help you go through the transition and join the pro community!


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