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This Week on YouTube: September 2, 2018

Mega Backpack Blower Comparison: Stihl BR-600 & 700, the NEW ECHO PB-8010, PB-770

You know the fall is coming when Starbucks starts promoting its Pumpkin Spice Latte and lawn care pros start dreaming of their backpack blowers!

Yes, it's that time of the year again and this week's YouTube Roundup reflects this with a slew of comparison videos featuring what some have called the “mega blowers.” And with the GIE show coming up, everyone's buzzing about getting their hands on the latest blowers in advance of the fall cleanups.

Check out a sampling of these videos from YouTube this week.

ECHO's PB-8010 vs. PB-770
Testing The Force of Air

UAG member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts surely knows how to shoot a great comparison video. He walks you through such specifications as weight, size of air tubes and filters, blowing power, speed of both models, and more. Also, check out the very unusual way Bradley invented to test the amount and force of air from both blowers.

ECHO's PB-8010 vs. PB-770

Another exciting comparison of the popular PB-770 and PB-8010, which is just about to be launched. In this video UAG member Danny Lanier of Lanier Lawn Care goes over the specs of both backpack blowers, showing some real-time usage and talks about the features of the PB-8010 you can look forward to. Enjoy!

Stihl BR-600 & 700 vs. ECHO PB-770 & 8010

UAG member Richey Plemons of Plemons Lawncare gives you a quick but informative comparison of his own Stihl BR-600, BR-700, ECHO PB-770 and the new PB-8010. A lot of useful insights and some great discussion in the comments section. Be sure to check it out!

New ECHO PB-8010 vs. Stihl BR-600

When UAG member Mark Thomas gets a chance to test a brand new tool, you know a great quality review is going to come with it! Watch this video if you want to check out both the Stihl BR-600 and the new ECHO PB-8010 in action. Mark is running a number of interesting tests to compare the performance and features of both tools. You'll definitely appreciate the level of detail and the filming work!

A lot of these videos were inspired by the release of the new ECHO PB-8010, which you too can test at this year's GIE show. Go check out the ECHO booth (indoor booth #5112 and outdoor booth #7451D) to check it out, and let us know what you think!


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