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This Week on YouTube: September 8, 2018

Another busy week has passed and we’re happy to welcome you to one more roundup of awesome YouTube videos from the pros. The beginning of September is all about learning, so we’ve got some educational content for you today. Enjoy tips on performing a sales tax audit and a maintaining a proper billing system in the lawn care business, the hand grading tutorial and more!

Trimming a 200-Yard Ditch

Before we jump to our advanced education talk, why not watch a great lawn care video by UAG member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts? Bradley is cutting the tall grass on an pretty tricky property with steep sides and standing water. Heavy-duty equipment in action is included!

Everything Right with Stand-On Mowers

How about a video about the benefits of stand-on mowers? Naylor Taliaferro of Clean Cut Lawn Care Services and LCR Media explains 7 reasons why he chooses to stand when he mows. Definitely watch this one if you’re deciding on the go-to style of mower for your business.

Sales Tax Audit in Landscaping Business

Are you charging sales tax? Are you confused about it? Jonathan Pototschnik of Lawn Care Millionaire is here to help you sleep soundly through a sales tax audit. What steps do you take to start charging clients sales tax, how do you set priorities? Check out this video to get some sound answers to these questions.

Fix Your Billing System

UAG member and YouTuber Brian Fullerton of Brian's Lawn Maintenance shares how he solved his business’s cash flow problems to the point where all the money from his clients are now coming in on time. Watch this video to learn how to make a switch from paper based billing to a credit card based on to process and track all your payments.

Screed Bars VS. Hand Grading

The last video for today is for our fellow hardscapers out there! Do you use bars for grading or do you grade by hand? Canadian landscaper Jake Guindon of Lonestar Landscaping & Construction discusses the benefits of both methods and most importantly, shares this short and sweet hand grading tutorial.

A lot of these videos were inspired by the release of the new ECHO PB-8010, which you too can test at this year's GIE show. Go check out the ECHO booth (indoor booth #5112 and outdoor booth #7451D) to check it out, and let us know what you think!


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