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Three commercial grade trimmers and a Toro homeowner model run in comparable tests

If you are just starting out in the landscape business you may have a tough choice choosing your first straight shaft trimmer on a limited budget. How do you determine when it’s time to upgrade your trimmer choice? Landscapers Joe Mills and JD Tractor test straight shaft trimmers Stihl FS 94, Stihl FS 90R, Husqvarna 326LS and a homeowner Toro model using the same fuel and trimmer line. Each trimmer is put through three tests: mowing down brush; trimming around obstacles such as fence posts; and mowing down grass. See the results in this video and hear what the guys think of each trimmer’s performance.

There are many considerations that factor into a landscaper’s preference of trimmers. What’s yours? Join our community and share your thoughts. Do you have a product review or operating tip to share with your fellow outdoor power equipment users? Let us know.