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Three Factors To Consider When Pricing Gutter Cleaning

By Jimmy Massey from Massey Landscaping Services

What's going on, guys? Jimmy of Massey Landscape here, and today we’re going to be talking about gutter cleaning. It’s a great revenue source for us landscapers and arborists during the fall season but how do you price a job? What factors should be considered?

We do a lot of this work and so we’re sharing three factors to consider when pricing gutter cleaning, based on our experience.

1. Pitch Of The Roof

All right, the first thing that we look for is the pitch of the roof. Is it super pitchy? Or It's going to be hard for you to walk on the roof and clean up the gutters? The second thing that we look for is how many stories the house is.

Is it one-story, two-story, three-story? Not only the pitch of the roof, because there are some roofs that are very odd. The more obstacles and oddly shaped features that will get in the way, the more the price is affected.

2. Gutter Guards

The other thing that we look for is if there's a gutter guard on gutters and if there's leaves backed up inside the gutters. If yes, you're going to have to take off the gutter guard and clean the leaves out. And you're going to have to do that around the whole house, and then put all the gutter guards back on.

That's going to take you more time. Take that in consideration, too.

3. Type of Roof Finish

The other thing we look for is the roof itself. Is it a shingle roof? Is it a metal roof? Wooden roof? Did you know there’s even a wooden slate roof? I've never gone on one of those, I don't really like the idea.

Then there’s metal roogs, which should be more due to the dangerous nature of walking on the surface, especially if there's water in the gutters. When you're blowing that out, and water gets on the roof, and you're actually on the roof, then it's just a little sketchier, a little more unsafe, your price probably going to be higher for that.

If it's shingles, well, you can walk a little easier but you still have to be cautious. Take your time; shingles you can walk on a little easier. Some people don't like to get on the roof at all, they will just go around and just move the ladder so they don't have to get on the roof. Your price might be a little higher in these cases because that's going to take you more time.

What factors do you consider when pricing gutter cleaning?

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Jimmy Massey
Massey Landscape Service
2017 UAG Member