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Tools to Help Grow More Positive Reviews for Your Landscaping Business

Word-of-mouth has moved online. If your professional landscaping or tree maintenance business faces primarily local competition, then online reviews are driving a significant portion of your business.

In fact, nine in ten customers check reviews before contacting a business, and 86% of customers avoid businesses with too many negative reviews. (Source: Invespcro).

Don’t leave reviews to chance. Instead, take advantage of online tools to prune negative reviews and create fertile soil for positive reviews to grow.

Maximize Reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp

Many review companies specialize in making Facebook, Google, and Yelp reviews work for you rather than against you.

Getmorereviews.com, for example, streamlines the review process for your satisfied customers. After you’ve completed your job, Getmorereviews sends an email directly to the customer asking if they had a positive experience.

If they did, they’re taken directly to Facebook, Google, or Yelp to make leaving a positive review as easy as possible. If they did not have a positive experience, they complete a feedback form that comes directly to you, the business owner. That way, you still hear their feedback, but negative reviews are less likely to be posted publicly.

Another tool is Birdeye.com. Birdeye lets you send review requests directly to customers’ cell phones, which dramatically increases the chance they will leave a review. Birdeye will automatically share positive reviews to your social media accounts and your website, which ups their visibility. If negative reviews are posted, Birdeye alerts you so that you can respond quickly and professionally.

Getmorereviews.com and Birdeye can be valuable for landscaping businesses that rely on external reviews to bring in customers. They are an excellent choice if your customers learn about your services from reviews on Facebook, Google, or Yelp.

Maximizing Reviews on your Own Website

Other review platforms create a review process that integrates directly into your website. This allows you to use customer reviews in creative and effective ways not available if reviews are posted externally.

For example, Yotpo.com allows you to collect, sort, and showcase your top reviews on your home page, testimonial page, or on social media.

Similarly, Boast.io embeds a review form on your website and attracts customers to post their reviews there. Once they are posted, Boast assists you in displaying and featuring positive reviews where they can be most helpful.

Both Yotpo and Boast offer advanced review analysis, which can help you pinpoint your marketing, as well as identify aspects of your business that would most benefit from improvement. They are both ideal platforms if your customers typically learn about your services directly from your website, or even dedicated landing pages.

Reviews are the Future of Small Business Marketing

Love them or hate them, customer reviews are becoming the currency of small business marketing. As word-of-mouth continues to move online, branch out by considering review platforms to maximize your positive reviews and protect your reputation.

You already work so hard to create satisfied customers; take the next step by making it easy for customers to leave positive reviews that organically promote and grow your business.