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Top 10 Attachments for Landscapers

As a landscaping professional, you understand how expensive professional-grade equipment can be. In order to run your business profitably, it’s important that you learn how to make the most of your equipment by getting the most out of it.

One option is to purchase a power source designed to add a variety of attachments. Adding attachments to this type of power source is a great way to add to your repertoire without breaking the bank.

Here are ten of the most popular attachments for you to consider:

1. Curved Shaft Edger

A curved shaft edger attachment is a must-have tool if you’re looking for a means of adding that finishing touch to a just mowed lawn. It allows you to cut a finished edge along sidewalks and driveways, giving yards a truly professional feel.

2. Garden Cultivator

A garden cultivator attachment is extremely versatile. You can use it to prepare soil for seed planting, to help control weeds, or simply to make sure soil has enough nutrients to handle a particular plant. It’s essentially a miniature plow for gardens!

3. Brush Cutter

A brush cutter attachment gives you the tool to attack thick undergrowth, or cut down shrubs in an instant. You’ll even be able to cut down saplings.

4. Blower

Adding a blower attachment to your power source helps make cleaning up small yard debris a breeze. You’ll be able to quickly and safely clear any sidewalks or walkways of grass clippings and small twigs. In the fall, you can use it as a leaf blower on your deck.

5. Straight Shaft Edger

Straight shaft trimmer attachments are an essential choice if you do not want to buy a dedicated unit used only for trimming yards. The straight shaft (vs. curved shaft design) offers better reach. Some also come in a higher ‘torque” version for tougher grasses and terrain.

6. Hedge Trimmer

Shrubs are notoriously hard to keep groomed, and trimming them by hand is an arduous task. A commercial-grade hedge trimmer attachment lets you keep shrubs beautiful quickly and easily. Articulating hedge trimmer attachments, as shown here, give you the ability to adjust the angle of the blades.

7. Bed Redefiner

Bed redefiner attachments have revolutionized flowerbed care. No matter how well you care for a flowerbed, its edges fray over time and need to be touched up. A bed redefiner does this automatically for you, so you don’t have to waste time handling it manually with a shovel.

8. Power Pruner

A power pruner attachment is the perfect tool when you have a lot of branches that you want to remove quickly. Ideally, you will remove brush or branches with the power pruner, then use a more precise tool to for fine tuning.

9. Paddle

If you’re regularly clearing or cleaning the surface of lawns or sod, you need a rubber paddle attachment. It sweeps the surface of a lawn or sod without harming the grass, efficiently clearing it of dirt, sand, and other debris.

10. Attachment Extension

Finally, a durable attachment extension improves the reach of all your other attachments, making it easy to handle tall or out-of-the-way problems. Just make sure to find an extension that’s compatible with the rest of your attachments.