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Trimmer Maintenance Tips: ECHO YouCan Kit

By Danny Lanier from Lanier Lawn Care

Hey guys, Danny Lanier here, and today I want to talk about how easy it is to do maintenance on your trimmers, with the ECHO YouCan Maintenance Kit.

While I recorded this at the end of last year, it's still a great time to look at your trimmer maintenance in readiness for the new season ahead.

The cool thing with the ECHO YouCan Kit is that it comes with all the stuff you need:

  • Air filter

  • Fuel filter

  • Spark plug

This means you're done with your maintenance in about 10 minutes. It also works on most ECHO trimmers, handheld blowers, and hedge trimmers. I picked this kit up for about $15 from my local dealer, and got one for each piece of equipment.

How about you, guys - what do you use for your trimmer maintenance?

Danny Lanier
Lanier Lawn Care
UAG Member 2020

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