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UAG Pro Brian Fullerton from Brian's Lawn Maintenance shares a simple safety tip for you to consider next time you load up in your truck.

Hey guys, Brian here. Brian's Lawn Maintenance. Hey guys, I wanted to take one quick second and give you guys a safety tip with how to properly enter the vehicle. Now as you guys know, back in the day, I used to work for a fertilizer company and we wore rubber boots every single day and worked with chemicals, and safety was the biggest concern with entering and exiting the vehicle. You don't want to have a slip and fall, bang your shin, anything like that.

They taught us a ... I don't the technical terminology, but it was a three point lift into the vehicle. Really simply, you want to put your hand on the door, you're going to put your foot on the rail and take your other hand and you want to grab the bar inside the truck so you can lift into the vehicle properly. This is really important because if you only have one foot on the rail, your foot might slide off, or if you're entering in the vehicle, you might bang your head and those are things you don't want to do.

That's my quick safety tip for how to properly enter a vehicle and to be safe. Make sure you teach it to your guys and your crews as well so they're safe on the job site and you don't have any down time.

You can follow Brian over on YouTube