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Useful Equipment for Staying Hydrated in the Summer

By Kevin Blackmer form Texas Veteran Lawn Care

In my last video, I shared a quick tip on staying hydrated in the summer, especially with the heatwaves many of us are experiencing.

In this video, I want to take a little more time and show you some of the tools and equipment I use to stay fully hydrated.

Knowing that proper hydration is key to your overall health outside, the equipment I share here can really help you when on jobs.

Some of the equipment I share here:

  • CamelBak water bladder, available in different sizes

  • Insulated drinking tube with detachable hose

  • Daypack backpack, which is small and lightweight and perfect for your water bladder

I hope this video helps, and have a safe, hydrated summer!

Kevin Blackmer
Texas Veteran Lawn Care
2018 UAG Member

What products and equipment do you use to stay hydrated? Join our forum to share your tips or ask other pros for advice.