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Using the ECHO RB-60 Broadcast Spreader

By Christian Cline from Landscape Property Works, LLC

Hey guys, Christian here from Landscape Property Works, LLC, and today I just want to share a quick video on using the ECHO RB-60 broadcast spreader.

This is part of the spreader range they released last year, and this particular one is the 60lbs loader.

What I like about this spreader is it’s really easy to set up (basically a couple of turns on the bolts), as well as:

  • Side deflector for ensuring seeds don’t go onto flower beds

  • Heavy duty agitator

  • 10” pneumatic tires

  • Spring control chute lever

I hope this helps, guys, and let me know what spreader(s) you use.

Christian Cline
Landscape Property Works, LLC
UAG Member 2020
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