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What Business Are You In?

By Brian Fullerton from Brian’s Lawn Maintenance

If I had to ask that question to a hundred different landscapers, I'd probably get a hundred different answers. You may get answers all over the place, ranging from a technical answer to a good elevator speech.

But in my opinion, they still may miss the mark when it comes to describing what business we're in.

You see, it's been my experience now for more than a decade being in this industry, that what we really offer may in fact be entirely different than what most ever realize. Let me explain.

When someone asks what's the number one thing my company offers, you would probably guess our services like, spring clean ups, lawn maintenance, core aeration, or mulch installation.

You may even say we do snow removal, fertilization, and the list goes on and on.

But if I can make a suggestion, a different way to look at your business and what you really offer, I would probably be able to provide an entirely different answer.

It’s Not What You Offer, It’s What Your Customer Receives

When I really look at what our company offers, it's probably not what you'd first expect.

I personally feel that the multitude of different items we offer line up more in the realm of peace of mind, no stress, less worries, fewer hassles, taking back your weekends, more weekends of golf, and so on and so forth.

I believe what we offer is the ability to help our customers enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and not be overwhelmed by the obligation or burden of managing their own property maintenance.

You see, it's been my experience that when we deal with a customer, the number one thing they're looking for is a "stress free, get the job done, I don't want to have to think about this", type of relationship.

They just want to hire a company that is going to show up, do a good job, and make their life easier.

Sure, we offer landscape solutions, mulch installation, lawn maintenance. The list goes on forever.

But if someone asked me what do we really offer our clients, I would enthusiastically reply with what I know we do best: and that is helping our customers take back their weekends.

Give More Than Just Your Expertise

I'd love to make a suggestion to you: the next time you have a conversation with a client of yours, or the next time your giving an estimate, I want you to put yourself in their shoes, and evaluate this statement:

What does this company really offer?

Chances are, if you can communicate in under 2 minutes on that first visit, whether on the phone or in person, that you can make this person’s life easier, you have a much higher chance of earning the job than your competition.

Sure, there are going to be many factors out there that determine whether or not you get the job - that's a given.

But if there is one secret to the success that we've had in our ability to crush the market, and have sustained success, it's that when people know they hire our company, what they're really getting is the ability for them to finally take back their weekends.

That’s something we can all agree on.

Brian Fullerton
Brian’s Lawn Maintenance
2018 UAG Pro

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