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Meeting the Pros at GIE+EXPO 2018 - What Do You Hope to Get from This Year's GIE? Part 1

At this year's GIE+EXPO, ECHO Means Business hosted a special social media lounge, where we could meet fellow pros like you, and ask them about their business.

First up, part one of our question on what they hoped to get out of this year's GIE+EXPO.

Featured in this video are Dylan Stephenson of So-Low Cuts Landscaping, Ben and JT Harrington of Acme Mowing, Aaron Sutter of Lansing Lawn Service, LLC, Adam and Caleb Dalton of Hungry Cow Lawn Care, Scott Saunders of Fraser Outdoor Living Concepts, and Mills Riddick of OBX Lawn and Window.

Look out for part 2 of this video here on ECHO Means Business soon!

What were you specifically looking for at this year’s GIE+EXPO? Join our forum to share your tips or ask other pros for advice.