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What This Lawn Care Pro Learned from His First Commercial Property

By Brad Behr from Copper Creek Cuts

Hi guys, Brad here from Copper Creek Cuts, and today I wanted to share a quick video on some of the lessons I learned from my first commercial property.

Now, while these experiences may be personal to me, I'm sharing them in case you recognize any you're going through at the minute. Or, to help you understand what to look out for if you're starting to pick up commercial properties.

Some of the things you want to look out for:

  • The previous pro or company doing the work you've picked up might let the work slide a bit as they near the end of the contract. This is something you'll have to plan for, as it could lead to extra work early on.

  • Speaking of work, you're going to have more garbage than you planned for.

  • There may be a learning curve when it comes to trimming for longer, or edging for longer, etc. Be prepared for more tiredness and stiffness. :)

  • You'll have more chances for upselling, especially if you're doing a great job on the property.

I hope this video helps, guys, and let me know what other tips and advice you'd recommend.

Brad Behr
Copper Creek Cuts
UAG Council Member 2019
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What was your first commercial property like - are there any lessons from it you'd like to share? Join our forum to share your tips or ask other pros for advice.