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What You Need to Know About Arbor Day

While Earth Day gets the word out about taking care of nature as a whole, Arbor Day is a day where trees get the entire spotlight. Started in 1872, Arbor Day is a holiday heavily endorsed and supported by the Arbor Day Foundation. With over 1,000,000 members, donors and partners, The Arbor Day Foundation is committed to inspiring people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees. To join with the Arbor Day Foundation in celebrating Arbor Day, here are some things to remember when it comes to trees as well as ways to celebrate this holiday for trees:

1. Sometimes, Less Is More

While it can often be forgotten, pruning is a vital factor in maintaining the health and beauty of trees. Pruning allows for the removal of any dead/damaged limbs and allows proper sunlight to get to all parts of the tree. While pruning is not something that should be done without proper knowledge and/or the help of a professional, it is something that every property owner should include in their annual lawn maintenance plan. In addition to the benefits for trees, pruning also helps avoid potential issues such as property damage, power line interference, etc. Trimming and pruning limbs may seem counterproductive to growth, but it actually helps to encourage growth. Establishing a plan allows you to enjoy your tress for many years to come.

2. Out With the Old, In With the New

It has widely be encouraged that for every tree you cut down you should plant another in its place. While it really isn’t necessary (or even practical) to plant a tree in the exact same place, it is a great habit to get into. While Arborists recommend you should only cut down a tree in certain circumstances such as if the tree is dying, has a disease, or is too close to a power line, trees provide so many services to both humans and animals alike, planting a new tree in its place will ensure the benefits will continue to be provided for years to come.

3. Ideas for Celebrating Arbor Day

Arbor Day isn’t just another day of the week. This is a day to take a second and think about how what we do to trees affects the entire ecosystem. With that said, here are some things you can do to celebrate trees this Arbor Day!

  • Plant a tree – this is the obvious way to celebrate but it’s definitely not cliché! Find an area that could use another tree planted and get to work. Another tree that provides homes for animals and fresh air to breathe is never a bad idea! As an added benefit, take this opportunity to plant a tree in memory of someone you love or to commemorate a special occasion.

  • Organize an event for the community – there are several types of events that can help get the word out about Arbor Day as well as encourage others to plant trees and get to know how trees can benefit them. One idea is to organize a “Biggest/Oldest Tree” search in your community. Once the winners come in, organize a walking tour of the winners and put together a map of the locations. You can even plant a tree in the name of the winners.

  • Plan a ceremony to celebrate the Tree Board members of the city. Have the Mayor and local schools involved with planting trees, reading poems and singing songs about trees.

  • Choose an area or local park that needs cleaning. Pick up trash and organize recycling as necessary. Keeping the local landscapes clean and maintained helps provide an environment for trees to thrive and be healthy.

However you can help recognize Arbor Day, remember that trees are crucial to our environment and well-being every day of the year. So, if you can get involved and give back throughout the year – we encourage you to do so.