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What You Should Use When Preparing an Estimate

By Dylan Stephenson from So-Low Cuts Landscaping

Hi guys, so today I want to talk to you about the things I use when going out to give an estimate to a client (new and old).

There’s a whole bunch of options out there you can use, from the simplest option like pen and paper, to the highest-end software. I want to show you what I use, to try and help you be more effective at giving the best estimates for you and your clients.

For me, I like to keep my stuff in the truck at all times, as you never know when you might need it. So, quick breakdown:

  • Use a clipboard to keep everything organized

  • A good stack of business cards with all my info on it

  • Simple yet effective proposal sheets

  • Keep more than one pen handy!

  • Lufkin measuring wheel to get the measurement you need

  • Cell phone - this is so straightforward, but keeps you on track for having an idea for the scope of the job

  • Look professional and wear a uniform

  • Be thankful, and polite, for thinking of you for the job

  • Follow up on the proposal!

Well, I hope that helps, guys, and I’d love to hear what you use for your estimates, and how it works out for you!

Dylan Stephenson
So-Low Cuts Landscaping
UAG Member 2019
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