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Who Makes the Best String Trimmer Line?

By Blaine Dennison from Quick & Clean Lawn Care

Hi guys, Blaine here from Quick & Clean Lawn Care, and today I want to talk about one of the age-old questions in the green industry - who makes the best string trimmer line?

Now, I know it all depends on dealer support, what's available, and price point, so I chose my two favorite trimmer lines based on that. I wanted to check how they'd perform, ease of use, and how long they lasted.

The comparison is between ECHO's 0.95 Black Diamond line, and the STIHL CF3 Pro 0.95 line. I'm going to put them through various tests and see how each compares.

What about you guys - do you have a preference for string trimmer lines, and why?

Blaine Dennison
Quick & Clean Lawn Care
UAG Council Member 2020
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