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Why Google Call-Only Ads are Ideal for Generating Leads for Your Landscape Business

Ever thought of running Google Pay Per Click (PPC) ads for your landscaping or tree maintenance company?

Now there’s a way to target those actively searching for your services on their mobile phone: Google Call-Only ads.

These ads are essentially "pay-per-call", targeted at mobile users shopping for local services. Where Pay-Per-Click ads asked you to pay every time the ad earned you a click-through to your website, Call-Only ads are pay per call ads.

How Call-Only Ads Operate

In this case, you pay only when you receive a call generated directly from your ad. When you get this type of click-through, (which is an actual call from the ad that your prospect clicked on their phone), you pay.

But it could be well worth it—because you’ve captured someone who is actively ready to buy your service. (Or they are very interested, at least. It’s up to you to convert that call to a new client and profit for your business, of course.) Once this type of active contact has occurred, you have a good chance of winning a new sale and a new customer.

Why Call-Only Ads are Great for Landscapers

Landscaping services are hyper-local—they’re purchased right in the geographic area where they are needed. Local business ads and phones/mobile devices are a winning combination for landscaping companies.

Now you’re able to catch new customers the moment they notice their lawn needs some help. Of course, they have their phone in their pocket and, if they don’t call while standing in their front yard, they see your ad in the midst of a busy day and seconds later they’re talking to someone at your business.

It’s so easy to just click the ad, talk to you and make an appointment for landscaping services. In fact, the only thing to do is call--the CTA (call to action) in a Call-Only add is a call button, or link, that initiates a phone call.

A click (on a call-only ad) IS a phone call. Sales after a phone call are much more likely than sales after a click-through to your website. There you have a win!

If the viewer sees the ad, but doesn’t call (click) right away, you still win, because you’ve gotten an “impression”, but you don’t need to pay for that. (An impression is an image in the mind of the viewer, a reminder that your service exists, and is waiting for them—for free in this case.) Technically, you don't need a mobile-friendly (responsive design) website when you use Call-Only ads, although you should have a mobile-optimized website in the near future, if you don't currently.

How to Get the Most from Google’s Call Only Advertising

Google call-only mobile ads work best when you follow these success tips to get ad conversions (sales):

Prepare for success

Make sure you have consistent NAP (business name, address and phone) across your entire online presence. Your website, social media pages, etc. should all have identical NAP. Claim and fill in details on your My Business page on Google. Add geo-targeted key words to your website landing pages. Encourage customers to review you on Yelp and (of course) Google--the latter is your priority, but you need both. Hook up with other local businesses to get local backlinks, and sharpen up your website markup, meta tag and title tag.

Place your call-only ad through AdWords:

Select a "call-only" campaign and add the hours you want to receive calls (usually your open-for-business hours). Choose the forwarding number option to count the calls you get from the ad as conversions. Define "conversion" or goal completion, with a required call length, (for instance, a 30 or 60 second call--you choose the length--counts as a call/conversion). Your ad copy will be approved and live within a few days, although usually much less time is required. Then watch the calls come rolling in!