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Why Taking a Break from Social Media Can Help Your Business

By Jordan Yoder from JC Landscapes LLC

Hi guys, Jordan here from JC Landscapes, and today I wanted to talk about social media, and why taking a break from it can help your business.

After all, we all know how social media can help our business by being active on it - finding customers, connecting with other pros, etc - but it needs to be in moderation, too.

As I share in the video, taking time away from social media is key when it comes to us being better at everything we do - our work, our family, our friends.

By switching off now and again, we can spend more time with those that are important to us, and that can only benefit our business as we come back to our businesses refreshed and recharged.

Well, I hope this video helps, guys, and let me know how you manage your time on social media.

Jordan Yoder
JC Landscapes LLC
UAG Member 2020
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