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Why This Lawn Care Pro Doesn't Bag Grass

By Brad Behr from Copper Creek Cuts

Hi guys, Brad here from Copper Creek Cuts, and today I wanted to share my reasons for not bagging grass on my lawn care jobs.

For myself, living and working in Florida, the grass clippings can be pretty big even after just one round, but I’ll still leave them on the lawn, and this is why.

As mentioned in the video, here’s my take on why I, and other companies, don’t bag grass:

  • The grass clippings here will biodegrade in a matter of days

  • This provides nitrogen to the existing lawn

  • The job would take longer due to stop-start bagging

  • In my county, I’d need to drive an hour in one direction just to find a dump

I hope this video helps, guys, and let me know what your preference is when it comes to bagging grass!

Brad Behr
Copper Creek Cuts
UAG Member 2020
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