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Why You Don't Have to Go Into Debt to Start Your Lawn Care Business

By Brent Catterson from Katter Kuts

When you first get started with your lawn care business, it's easy to think it's okay to go into debt so you can buy the tools and equipment you need.

I know some pros will spend more than they can afford, so they can get the new, top of the line equipment right from the off.

The problem is, they don't necessarily have clients from the off, so the money they spent on the equipment isn't coming back in, and they start to stress.

You don't need to do this. When I started, I had a simple push mower that I even drilled a hole in with a grinder, just so the grass would come out the way I wanted!

In this video, I want to talk about you getting started, and why going into debt isn't the way to get started.

Hope it's useful, guys!

Brent Catterson
Katter Kuts
2018 UAG Member

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