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Why You Need More Than One Form of Marketing for Your Lawn Care Business

By Ramona Mullins from Mullins Lawn Enforcement LLC

We all know how important marketing our business is when it comes to succeeding in this industry.

But often, we make the mistake of limiting the amount of marketing we do to Facebook, maybe some flyers, and word of mouth while on the job.

In this video, I want to share why it’s key to have multiple forms of marketing running all at once.

For us, it all started with rebranding our logo. On top of that, though, we also use:

  • Local marketing with our very visible flyers

  • Networking at the Chamber of Commerce

  • We joined the Better Business Bureau

  • Consistency across our social media channels

  • A thank you calendar for our customers in January

The flyer in particular has been a great success for us, and I’d highly recommend getting one made.

Well, I hope that helps, guys, and I’d love to hear how you’re getting your business in front of new customers!

Ramona Mullins
Mullins Lawn Enforcement LLC
UAG Member 2019
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