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Why You Need Rags in Your Vehicle for Your Lawn Care Business

By Bryant Manzo from Manzo Lawn Service, LLC

Hi guys, here’s another quick tip I wanted to share with you, and it’s all about putting your best foot forward when it comes to looking good.

Appearances can be everything in our industry, and we all know how dirty it can get. That’s why keeping spare rags in your vehicle is important.

As well as keeping you or your vehicle clean, rags are good for:

  • Boosting your morale when on a particularly sweaty or dirty job

  • Building a better connection/relationship with your customers

  • It can help stop infection from a simple cut or scrape

How about you - do you keep rags nearby, or what else do you use to stay fresh? I’d love to hear some of the must-haves for you.

Bryant Manzo
Manzo Lawn Service, LLC
UAG Member 2019
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