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Why You Should Balance Your New Mower Blades to Save You Money

By Danny Lanier from Lanier Lawn Care

Hey guys, Danny Lanier here, and today I want to talk about balancing your new mower blades, and how to save money in the long run when doing this maintenance task.

I thought I'd make this video, as there's a lot of debate on whether new blades are balanced or not, and I wanted to address this and hopefully help you save money too.

I can tell you, the new blade I used to make this video was definitely not balanced, and there's a good amount that needs to come off before it's even sharp!

When a blade's off balance, you're going to feel a lot of vibration when using your mower. You can buy a really good blade balancer to help you get the blade balanced properly, and this will help your blades last longer in the field.

I hope you enjoy this little tip, and happy mowing!

Danny Lanier
Lanier Lawn Care
2019 UAG Member

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