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Why You Should Boost Your Posts on Facebook to Grow Your Business

By Blaine Dennison from Quick & Clean Lawn Care

We all know how we can use Facebook for free to share posts about our lawn care and landscape businesses, but have you tried boosting your posts on Facebook yet?

It’s pretty simple to do, and because of the information Facebook has on its users, you can really target your perfect customer, based on where you live.

Some of the benefits of boosting your Facebook post include:

  • Target your audience based on age, location, and interests

  • You can choose the budget that suits your pocket

  • You can set how long your ad runs for (short boosts are really effective)

Well, I hope that helps, guys, and I’d love to hear how you’re using Facebook to get your business in front of new customers!

Blaine Dennison
Quick & Clean Lawn Care
UAG Member 2019
Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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