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Why You Should Check and Sharpen Your Mower Blades Frequently

By Brent Catterson from Katter Kuts

You might think it's fairly obvious when I say you need to be checking your mower blades on a regular basis, and sharpening them just as regularly.

Myself, I sharpen my blades every week during the season, though you can do it every other week.

But as you can see, when I picked up a Toro Z Master for the new season, not everyone looks after their blades the way they should.

It's not just the quality of the work that can suffer, if you don't look after your blades.

  • They can be stubborn to get back in shape

  • They might need to be replaced altogether

  • It might even mean needing to replace other parts, not just the blades

So, like I say in the video, make sure you're looking after your blades. It's your time and, more importantly, your money that could be going to waste if you don't.

Brent Catterson
Katter Kuts
2018 UAG Member

What other tips or examples do you have when it comes to looking after your mower blades? Join our forum to share your tips or ask other pros for ideas.