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Why You Should Engrave Your Tools for Extra Security

By Christian Cline from Landscape Property Works, LLC

We all know how much costs can add up when it comes to tools and equipment we need for our business. While we can get insurance, another security feature to look after your tools is to engrave your details into them.

There are a few ways you can do this, but as I show in this video, I prefer a dedicated engraving tool.

Some takeaways I want to share from the video:

  • Engrave deep enough so it’s not easy to sand off

  • Keep a record on a spreadsheet, with details of model, product, and serial number

  • This can help you keep additional records if you don’t have receipts for all your tools

  • The key details you need for any police report if your tool(s) get stolen

  • Stencils can help get a baseline for your engraving, then you can fine-tune

I hope this helps, guys, and let me know if you engrave all your tools, or any other tips to keep your tools protected.

Christian Cline
Landscape Property Works, LLC
UAG Member 2019
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