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Why You Should Keep This Handy Little Multi-Tool in Your Pocket

By Bryant Manzo from Manzo Lawn Service, LLC

Hi guys, here's a quick tip I wanted to share with you. As we all know, time is money in our industry, and so anything we can do to save time is always going to be better.

That's why no matter where I am, or what job I'm on, I always carry this simple multi-tool with me, either in my pocket or my truck.

The reason is simple - it's small, so doesn't take up too much room, but it has a range of uses:

  • Great for cutting the exact amount of trimmer line I need

  • Great for helping with on-the-spot repairs

  • No need to go back to my truck for simple changes I need to make

How about you - what's one of your most useful tools that you don't go anywhere without? I'd love to hear some of the must-haves for you.

Bryant Manzo
Manzo Lawn Service, LLC
UAG Member 2019
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