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Why You Should Offer Fertilization as An Add-On Service

By Scott Horoszewski from Acme NLS, LLC

If you’re looking to offer add-on services to your core services, there are a bunch you could choose from. However, one that’s particularly beneficial is offering fertilization as an add-on service, as I share in this video.

So why fertilization in particular? There are a few reasons, both for your customers and for you.

  • It helps the grass grow through the season, and offers an alternative during the hot summer season

  • You can spot weeds in the lawn, and take care of them instantly

  • It’s an easy job to do if you know what you’re doing, and get certified

  • It’s very profitable, as you can upsell when you’re quoting, or working on current jobs

  • The insurance required helps you out in the long run with your business

What about you guys - do you offer fertilization as an add-on service and, if so, how’s it working for you?

Scott Horoszewski
UAG Member 2019
Instagram | YouTube

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