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Why You Should Offer Your Clients a 12 Month Schedule

Blaine Dennison from Quick & Clean Lawn Care

Hi guys, Blaine here from Quick & Clean Lawn Care, and today I want to talk about why you should be looking to keep your clients on a 12 month schedule, and how to do it.

One of the reasons I like to have a 12 month schedule with my clients is that is offers me cash flow at times of the year when there may not normally be cash coming in.

It's really easy to set up, too. When you're discussing your services with potential new clients, offer them the option of a discounted rate if they pay over the 12 months of the year for your services.

So, if it's a $40 service normally for certain months work, give them $30 service over the 12 months. The client doesn't lose any service, and you keep income coming in over the quieter months.

What about you guys - have you tried 12 month scheduling, and how is it helping your business?

Blaine Dennison
Quick & Clean Lawn Care
UAG Member 2019
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